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Thread: interscan web security suite ?

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    interscan web security suite ?

    Im having a proplem on my network. Im trying to block access to porn but i found out that if you use a google image search or a yahoo image search you can still come across some explicit mateirial. Im using interscan web security suite from trend micro. What are some ideas that i might be able to implement to block the bad stuff but allow the image search to happen for those on the network that use the image search for documents and presentations.
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    Why use a technical solution? Just add it to the company's policy.. Put some severe sanctions on it..

    What if I search google for pussy because I want some pictures of cats.. Is it my fault google coughs up pictures of naked women?

    Make use of google's SafeSearch option:
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    To add to what SirDice has already said. Safe search is the default google image search setting, this means that if inapropriate content is being accessed, using this method, the person has changed the setting deliberatly. Policy should take care of this.
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    I don't know if I got it right! Sounds like you are not talking about a company's network, because employees, if they are not menatlly deranged, don't use work bandwidth to search for obscene photos. If it is a network for a company, then I would suggest to introduce an enactment to prevent such behavior {in the Corporate policy}, as SirDice mentioned. Only then when you discover that someone broke the law you can define a proper action to be taken.

    If it is a home network and you want to prevent your children, I don't know of tool that provides a total safe search. Nevertheless, you can use some [1] Parental Control tools.

    use the image search for documents and presentations.
    I couldn't understand this part, can you actually use the image search to find documents and presentation? :Confused:


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    thanks guys i guess that works. when i said search for documents and presentation i meant to say pictures for documents and presentation that the employee is creating. ima relay these ideas to my boss and see if we can make something happen. thanks again
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