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    Windows Defender

    Check this out:

    It looks like MS is changing it's antispyware a little bit from its beta form.

    Windows AntiSpyware, which has been in beta since January, is now called Windows Defender. The application will also be part of the upcoming Windows Vista OS.

    XP users need not worry, because it is also expected to be available as a download for Windows XP.
    As part of the new Windows Defender, malware definition updates will be delivered via Microsoft's Windows Update service. Garms also explained that Microsoft has improved malware detection in Defender, "by applying to spyware threats all the great detection technology we use in our antivirus engine."
    The spokesperson also noted that Microsoft plans to release an updated version of the software to current Windows AntiSpyware beta users prior to the Dec. 31 expiration date to ensure that customers do not have a lapse in their spyware protection.
    However, one thing I have yet to hear -- Does MS still plan on making this a paid service, or will it stay free as the beta has been?

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    I think they're moving on thin ice here.. Think about it..
    It comes bundled with the new OS.. It's a free download for the legacy OSs.. Remember IE's introduction? WMP same thing..
    Now a spyware/virusscanner... IMO they'll HAVE to make this a paid service or else they'll have another anti-trust lawsuit on they're @$$.. Not like they can't afford another one
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    I'm mediumishly sure that I've heard that they will charge a subscription fee for the definition updates. I can't remember the sources, but I thought I'd read it in more than one place.

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    MS Antivirus

    I do recall reading something about M$ charging a subscription fee for the definitions but making it a part of the OS. from the OEM.

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    Or they can just use Linux as an example and get away from any suite against them
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