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Thread: Happy birthday gore!

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    I'll probably spend today painting and blasting ATR like I usually do lol. I swear the people who lived in the house before we bought it gave a monkey acid and a paint brush and let it loose. I mean seriously who paints a kitchen BRIGHT GLOSSY Raspberry Red, and then the room next to it where the fire place is a dark green... And when you walk in, the entrance is like pee Yellow, and then you go into the right where the Laundry room, kitchen, and fire place areas are and it's like already at 5 colors, and then of course going left, you go into the living room, it's like poo brown lol, and then into the hallway where the first bathroom, Master Bedroom, and two other Bedrooms are these are the colors:

    The Hallway is purple, the first room on the left, the first bedroom there, is BRIGHT neon pink with a black racing stripe in the middle, across from that is a yellow bathroom, and to the left again is what is going to be our tech room for all the machines and servers, is dark blue.

    We're painting that room black. Then we're taking neon green and stenciling on Binary on the walls, and my Wife is going to make curtains in black with neon green Binary to match the walls, and we're going to have some old school pics of old Horror movie posters on the walls here and there, and the master bedroom is green and yellow, and the master bathroom is like purple.

    So we've been painting a lot. The dining room is seriously bright orange. I put up primer on it yesterday.

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    Hey now it was my birthday too. I have Vicodin too( Norco 10/325 ) I turned 32. Born 11-30-1975

    Happy birthday too me

    thank you me, I didn't know I cared.
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    Happy Birthday. Have a good one.
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    Since this thread started a few days ago, not sure if I am wishing you a happy belated or not, but Happy B-day.
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    your tech room sounds pretty kickass man... you should post pics if it turns out like you plan...
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    Late. As usual. Happy birthday, my young padawan.
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    Happy anniversary,

    I swear the people who lived in the house before we bought it gave a monkey acid and a paint brush and let it loose. I mean seriously who paints a kitchen BRIGHT GLOSSY Raspberry Red,
    Arrrgh! you are making me relive my worst nightmare! ............ I had this place once where someone had put two coats of gloss paint on top of embossed wallpaper!........... it took me a week to get it off, even with a professional steaming kit

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    Happy Birthday Gore!!!
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    Thanks, and yea I'll for sure take pics of the room once it's done. I know it's awesome, every person we've told has drooled.

    It has a walk in closet we're either going to put book shelfs in, or turn into a server closet, and then we're setting up some tables in the room to put all our desktops on, we have... Hmm, my Wife has two desktops and a laptop, I have a laptop and 4 desktops, so we're going to need a pretty big table for all of it or maybe just two normal sized desks to fit them on.

    My Wife came up with the idea to paint the room's walls black and then stencil on the Binary in neon green in the way old terminals used (black on green monochrome) and then She said She was going to do the curtains by hand since it would cost a lot to have them made custom how we want and She would rather do it by hand and knows how, so I'm like OK awesome You can do that.

    And the floor is going to be neat too. We were going to use Astro turf on the floor but decided on something else that looked cooler:

    Those rubber floor tiles you snap together, we're putting those down as the floor serving two purposes:

    1. It looks awesome!

    2. It's rubber so static build up is less likely to happen in there when the whole floor is rubber.

    Also since the floor is going to be rubber we can put things down for the chairs. We bought two desk chairs already, the leather ones managers have in their offices, and we're going to buy two more that are nice since the two we have now we're going to use mainly for the servers and the area they are in, and then two nice and comfy leather chairs with heated massage pads on them since we're going to be starting a business too online after we have everything set up. And another thing we're going to do is set up another gaming box.

    I'm thinking just buying a decent lower high end Alienware, but my Wife wants to build it Herself. We argued for a little bit on video card (She at first wanted ATI and I said HELL no, Nvidia only) but now we've both agreed on a card. The one we both want and may get is almost 700 dollars just for the card and of course it's got to be water cooled, and we haven't picked a processor yet, but the box is going to when finished have about 4 gigs of RAM, a 512 MB video card, a 20 inch flat screen LCD, and around a TB in HD space.

    The monitor we have right now on Her machine which we use for gaming is a 19 inch flat screen LCD and She has a 256 MB card in it right now which costed like 400 dollars.

    We're also going to get an espresso machine for the room and a mini fridge for Jolt, Red Bull and a few other things a computer room needs.

    I paid the house insurance today so all that is already taken care of.

    The lights are something we are't sure of yet, the room is already temperature controlled, so keeping it cool shouldn't be hard, but we may get neon lights too.

    We're looking for neon green rope lights right now, as the trim at the tops of the walls where the ceiling meets the walls, we're lining with neon green rope lights to add to the coolness effect, and we're also going to probably get a decent priced Sun Machine for a server. Something like a Sun Fire, which doesn't cost much, and my Wife is trained for Solaris use, and HP-UX and uses Linux and BSD, mostly Linux though.

    Anyway, this room is going to look awesome when we finally get it done, which we know is a lot of work, but we work there every day anyway. Thank God Her Parents transferred us enough money to live on for a while heh.

    Soon I'm going to be looking for a good job but we wanted to make sure the house was ready. And as I said, as soon as we have that room done we'll be taking some pictures, should be awesome.

    We also may find some old school hardware and hook it up to mess with or use for a door stop, lol.

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    Happy birthday!!! Yes its belated but its the thought that counts :-)

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