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Thread: Proxy Server

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    Proxy Server

    My school's computers have a ridiculous web filter, which filters many legitimate sites (like AO). I'm interested in running a proxy server on a home computer so at school I can surf the web as I like. Does anyone know of a free proxy server that runs on either Windows or Linux and wouldn't be amazingly complex to set up? Thanks,
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    it's an unfortunate fact of life, that filters are used, and they are used for a reason .......

    it might be a better idea to approach the admin, and try to get them to allow AO through.

    I [at the moment] am working in various GP surgeries, and I cannot get through to AO from ANY of 'em , and on those I AM admin

    there will ALWAYS be something that is out of reach, better to live and let live, to by-pass the filters would put you into harms way [educationally speaking]
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