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Thread: Wired and Wireless HW F/W W/ VPN Recommendations

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    Question Wired and Wireless HW F/W W/ VPN Recommendations

    I'm involved with a small group that is putting together a small network of, oh, 20 users (and supporting a few remote users), which we will stand up as a proof-of-concept effort. I have been tasked with recommending a hardware firewall with the following specs:

    I've got authority to spend a minimum of $1400 but *might* have approval to go as high as $5000.
    Wireless access point.
    Supports UDP multicast internally.
    Bonus if UDP multicast can be forwarded through the firewall.

    This can be an all in one device, or can be several devices. What would you buy?


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    Take a look at the Juniper offerings. They have devices that meet your requirements.

    If you don't like their stuff, have a look at aruba networks.

    Last resort, if you don't like those two vendors, is Cisco.

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    Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully someone else will respond, because I'm really looking for device specific recommendations, based on user experience.

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    You can do it with OpenWRT on a WRT54GL for about $60.

    I believe the Cisco Aironet 1100 and 1200 series should also meet your requirements as well, except for VPN; don't quote me on this. You should probably call Cisco, Juniper, or some of the other manufacturers mentioned for more detailed advice. We can only help you so much. :|

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    Hi, I've configured many firewalls (Cisco PIX, Netscreen, Dlink, Sonicwall and others) and they all have their strong and weak points. Look at the Sonicwall firewall for your application. They have very good remote access and have a easy to configure firewall. Try to match your current and future requirements so that you don't get stuck with a solution that has no upgrade solution. Another solution is to buy the service from a reseller. They will supply a firewall on a monthly fee, manage it plus upgrade you if you require additional features. Just some thoughts.

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    I am gonna give you a tip...

    TheHorse13 knows his stuff....

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