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Thread: So...why the Nic???

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    T̙͓̞̣̯ͦͭͅͅȂͧͭͧ̏̈͏̖̖Z̿ ͆̎̄
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    Dec 2004

    So...why the Nic???

    So...what reason did you have to come up with the Nic???

    Or...did someone make it up for you???

    and why???

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    Aug 2001
    If you reverse the letters of my nick, it reads evitagen. I've been involved in the Evita Perón Genetical Engineering project since August 26, 1952.

    Exactly one month after the tragical dead of Eva Perón, the Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina, the Evita Genetical Engineering project was founded by some leading companies in the genetic engineering-business, including names such as Negatiine (North European Genetics Agency, That Is In the North of Europe) and EURO-GHWC (European Union Rock On, Genetics Here We Come).

    On August 16, 1958, our Bay City, Michigan, US-department, reported an almost succesfull reverse engineering attempt, dubbed Madonna (Michigan Announcement: Damn, Only Nine Nails Added - ("instead of ten": but the battery died so we didn't receive that part of the message at that time).
    Since then, no news has been received from our Bay City-department. The Madonna-project was put in the freezer for a while, but recent reports point in the direction of a revival.

    Since the early 90's, the Evitagen-project basically died a quick death. All we've been doing since then is come together on Sundays to have a cup of coffee and sing our Evitagen O Epyt-anthem.

    That's about it.

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    Nov 2005
    bmw m3 csl -> csl

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    Jan 2003
    Hey Hey,

    Towering over the majority of your classmates when ya start High school can be intimdating.. for both them and you.. It's also a time when you get rid of first names and go by last names or nicknames... People started calling me by my lastname (some of them still do) but one day a guy shortened it to regs (regz) and it stuck with most people... so I adopted it... As for the HT.. my first name is Tyler and I'm a Heavy guy (however I've now had people substitute in Horny and Hot. hah).. Anyways... some buddies were big into Heavy D at the time... and just started calling me Heavy T... which again in the age of shortening names was shortened to HT. That tells you how the names made up.. now because I feel like it... Let's go through the history of my nicks..

    1990 - 95 (My only PC was a Tandy... no internet / bbs's for me.. I used the computer at friends houses... and never had a need for my own "handle)
    1995 - My first real PC with the internet... After downloading PowWow Chat (Tribal was an awesome company)... My cousin and I had to decide on a nick... he was 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins fan)... so I took a song title that I liked... Lithium... This stuck for the length of time I was on PowWow.. and at the same time my initial start on IRC... The problem was people kept thinging I was Manic Depressive and taking Lithium.. it was seldom equated to the song. So it was time for a name change.
    1997ish - I discovered the Newnet IRC network and started frequenting some of the teenchat channels and such that existed... I had abandoned Lithium and in a quick search for a name decided on TopGear (those of you who are SNES fans will get the reference)... It was the first good Racing Video game.. (not counting the god of Racing Games Pole Position... which may be agood nick for a gay chat room... just a thought).. I was TopGear for about a year... then I decided to sign up for my first hotmail account... I wanted something at friends could use and they always called me HT or Regz so i put the two together.. using a seperator.. ht_regz.. It just stuck... IRC, forums, ICQ, MSN... I used it everywhere... people I hung out with (that I met later started refering to me by it).. I had tried just HT.. it was too short to use most places and Regz... well people thought my name was Reg.
    A couple years later I was signing up for a shell account and they wouldn't allow the _ in usernames... I was lost but decided to just drop it and go by HTRegz.... while their are still references to ht_regz (hotmail, and a few other accounts)... Most things were recreated as HTRegz/htregz... It's just stuck ever since.....

    And now that you know more than you ever wanted to know about my nick... I'll go back to bed.. (watch soon for a post on my 19 hour hardware upgrades at work)..


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    THE Bastard Sys***** dinowuff's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Third planet from the Sun
    I could tell you the origin of my nic, but then I'd have to kill you


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    The ******* Shadow dalek's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Somewhat like Negative, mine is a derivitive of Kaleds, and since my arrival from Skaro, I have been trying successfully to evade a certain Dr... you ask Who?, well I am unable to fill you in on all the details but suffice to say that since 1963, I have moved from location to location, never staying in one spot long enough for this Dr. to find me, you ask Who?......If I were forced to divulge this information I would have to "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" everyone and then Who? would I have to talk with.....
    PC Registered user # 2,336,789,457...

    "When the water reaches the upper level, follow the rats."
    Claude Swanson

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    T̙͓̞̣̯ͦͭͅͅȂͧͭͧ̏̈͏̖̖Z̿ ͆̎̄
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    Dec 2004
    Hey Neg,

    I always knew you were 00- ( double0negative )


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    Blast From the Past
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    Jan 2003

    bob was badass
    megabyte was evil
    and dont forget fong...
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    They call me the Hunted foxyloxley's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    3rd Rock from Sun
    for me the loxley part was the 'Robin of Loxley' Robin Hood .......
    also the house I bought back in the early / mid 80's was also called Loxley .......
    so my nic has been loxley for some time ........

    first time here, and I find that loxley has already been taken

    me has a brain fart and goes poetic
    hence foxyloxley came to be

    since posting I've tried to see who loxley is / was ......
    s/he doesn't exist :shock:
    my life here is a SHAM/e

    and I REALLY want to know WTF a moxnix is ???
    so now I'm in my SIXTIES FFS
    WTAF, how did that happen, so no more alterations to the sig, it will remain as is now

    Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's
    come and waste the day :P at The Taz Zone

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    I collect blades. All kinds.

    I like prime numbers.

    I hadda figure out a way to separate out the Googles of my real name and my on-line name. Whole different worlds, ya know.

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