My company owner has a small 4 computer network at his house that is all connected together with a linksys hub and then the linksys hub is connected to a linksys router/firewall that is then connected to a DSL Modem. He uses VPN to connect to our office so he can check up on things via remote Desktop Connection, and his wife uses VPN to connect to the office so she can Connect to our Exchange server to use outlook 2003 for emailing and etc.
So, the problem is that only one of them can connnect via VPN at once. The other problem, and the biggest pain is that when one of them is done with using the VPN connection, and the spouse then wants to use the VPN Connection on her computer (her computer is in one room and his is in his office. Both connected to the hub via CAT5) They have to power the router off then back on or else they have issues with the VPN connection.
The problem that occurs is that when one of them disconnects, and the other connects, then the VPN goes through it's motions like it is actually connected, then it shows the system tray icon like it is connected, but the VPN on the office side for some reason, thinks that it is still the other computer connected. They want a soloution yesterday and I am out of ideas. The only thing that I can determine is that I have to figure out a way to get their linksys router to transmit a unique IP address for each machine each time they connnect via vpn.
If you can help me, I'll dance a jig at you're wedding....