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Thread: ** HEADS UP ** IE vulnerability. EXTREMELY CRITICAL.

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    And yet another source of information

    Apologies if this has already been posted...

    From a "favorite" vendor, Symantec:

    "ThreatCon" - could the government sue them for infringement of DEFCON? Heh.
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    We may not be out of trouble on this yet gang, this was just published at SAN's:
    Yeah, it came over bugtraq at about 12:00.... I got distracted and forgot to post it here..

    As i said in a previous post in this thread "don't think that the bad guys aren't looking at this issue to find the other security issues it holds" - or words to that effect. Where there's one major issue there's usually a few more that are wortha look at....
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    Here is the MS response at their new blog:

    Interesting reading, BTW. They take the extra time to provide background and explain the process.

    According to this, the reported issues are known performance issues, not additional vulnerabilities, and they will be addressed in the next roll-up or SP.

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    it s old, old, old exploit-it s good for analyzit

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    cristodulo - this is what we call a OLD OLD OLD thread. Did you notice the dates of the posts?

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