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Thread: Norton Firewall

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    Question Norton Firewall

    Is it all that it is cracked up to be?

    I have the 2005 version and a but load of rules that I have created and I have not had a problem but I am going to change my OS to Red Hat ES4 and I need a new Firewall.

    But there is only one problem, which one to chose.

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    Re: Norton Firewall

    Originally posted here by Midnight Falcon
    I am going to change my OS to Red Hat ES4 and I need a new Firewall.

    But there is only one problem, which one to chose.
    I have heard Firestarter is a good one, but since I have not used Linux much myself, I cannot offer my own personal opinion. The admin here at the ISP I work uses it for his personal machines, though.

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    I've had good luck with Firestarter. It's really straight forward and easy to use. There was one thing that irritated me about it though. It would start at boot time, but instead of automatically showing up somewhere on the desktop, you had to explicitly run it to see if any unwelcome packets were picked up. Not that big of a deal, but a bit annoying.

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    i would personally go for Zone Alarm Pro (it isnt free however =/) i've liked it since its very flexible with its options and settings. it comes with a bundle of addons as well, which makes it handy (i.e, spyware scanner, cache cleaner). but remember, you DO have to pay for it.
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    corrupted_code, Zonealarm is no good for him. He is moving to Red Hat Linux. Zonealarm is Windows only.
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    I'll give Firestarter a try


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    Guess that sh1t didn't work huh?
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    Guess that sh1t didn't work huh?
    Guess not T_S. My advice go to a puter bookstore and get a book on IP-tables and create what you want linux is a learning enviroment when you start with it its all trial and error but try and stay away from GUI programes. Least if you write your own rules you know whats happening just some advice. Problemchild helped me a lot with IP-tables and linux in general and i learned a lot from it it's an experiance. /* Side note */ try and stay away from X enviroment if you want to learn linux go command line a lot of hassle but what you come out with in the end the results are pleasing I dont use a GUI in any U*nix enviroment simply because its all in the shell. Not unless you want tunez, movies to play on it etc and that will take some tweaking gawd it's been that long since i used Xwindows i forgot what the media players are etc. Some one here could give you an answer though

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