Hi, all. I know this isn't related to security per se, but I recently got a new job as a lead engineer for a small engineering firm and they have no sort of bug tracking system in place and I was curious as to what some of your recommendations were. I'm mainly interested in bug tracking for the engineering department, but the president also mentioned maybe going for a full help desk solution and use that for bug tracking as well as phone tracking, etc (tying together Engineering and Product Support). Some of the ones I've looked at are:

- Fog Creek FogBugz
- AutomatedQA AQdevTeam
- Axosoft OnTime
- PR-Tracker
- BugMonitor.com
- WEBsina Bugzero
- Atlassian JIRA

- Kemma BridgeTrak

Any feedback on any of these products or other recommendations? I'm actually very impressed with FogBugz but it's sole purpose is Bug Tracking (which my president does not like). I think with a price of $129 per user, though, can't really go wrong, even if we only use it for 3-5 years before upgrading to a more robust, scalable help desk solution. So, as I said, any feedback is appreciated.