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Thread: ACL for our DMZ

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    ACL for our DMZ

    What should our ACL for our DMZ look like? Examples would be nice The only thing in our DMZ is a mail server and web server. We have a PIX 515. Thanks!

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    I think this one was third or fourth:

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    The question is too vague. Please be more specific.


    Here is my IP scheme for the DMZ: 10.10.10.X
    I only want to allow SSH to in the dmz. How do I do it?

    Answer: permit tcp any host eq 22

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    Just configure the static NATing part and the ACL part well cant elaborate much than this,its scenario specific.dinowuff gave a good link.


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    It's really pretty simple as a concept. The DMZ is a partially secured network in that it, by it's nature, must allow public access to it's resources. Other than that which must be allowed into the DMZ from the public network and that which must be allowed in from the private network everything else should be locked in either direction. Thus the following:-

    On the Public Interface

    Allow SMTP from Any to DMZ
    Allow HTTP from ANY to DMZ
    Deny Any from Any to DMZ
    Deny Any from Any to Private

    On the Private Interface

    Allow HTTP from Private to Public
    Allow HTTP from Private to DMZ
    Allow POP3 from Private to DMZ
    Allow SMTP from Private to DMZ
    Allow FTP from Private to DMZ, (to update Web Page)
    Allow [SMTP Management Port] to DMZ
    Allow [Whatever else you need] From Private to Public
    Deny Any from DMZ to Private
    Deny Any from Private to DMZ
    Deny Any from Private from Public

    You will note that nothing is allowed to the Private from the DMZ. IOW, any traffic _from_ the DMZ to the Private network is blocked. Only connections initiated from within the Private network on specific ports can be created. Same applies to the Public network.... Nothing can initiate a connection from the Public to the Private and only certain connections can be initiated from the Public to the DMZ to allow those services you provide publicly to function.

    In this way you ensure that compromising the Private network is as difficult as possible since you treat the DMZ in the same way you treat the Public network..... _un_-trusted!
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    Thats it very nice description by TIGERSHARK . Good work and nice signature lol

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    Thanks. And very nice Tiger Shark! Thanks again.
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