there is something with american laptops.

i bought one from new york. its less than 9 months old. one day i ran my scans for spyware and adware in safe mode and next thing i know the damm thing's gone kaput. it just wont start. it would get into logon screen and just keep loading. i tried a lot of stuff but the thing just wont start. then some registry error came up. its gone for servicing and thats the last i heard of it.

i had to get one of those hhd adapters (its been recomended to you too by couple of people). i did manage to get most of my documents and files and most importantly my music.

get the adapter. you havnt tried it, because if you had, you would have posted it here. we dont even know if the hhd is locked or not.

ahh, america..... people like to follow rules so much...