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Thread: Registry cleaners

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    Question Registry cleaners

    So I've heared about the registry (the one in your computer not the site). I looked around but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But I've been hearing about the importancy to clean it once in a while. So My question to you is: Is it really that important?
    And does any of you know any good programs?


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    Hi DakX

    I am assuming you are using WinXP, if you are, it's usually a good thing to leave the registry alone, unless you know what you are doing as WinXP does a good job with it.

    There is no such thing as a "Registry Cleaner" what these programs do is mostly find orphaned file fragments and keys and clear them out, however in some cases if you are not familiar with the registry you could remove something by mistake.

    1. Always back up the registry before making changes to it.
    2. Windows Troubleshooting is a good site for tips and tweaks.
    3.CrapCleaner will not only delete a lot of useless files (temp) but it has an option called issues, you can use this (it has a backup routine) to scan your registry, it will mostly find keys left over from uninstalls, or shortcuts not used anymore, but as far as I can tell is safe to use.
    4.Understanding the Registry give this a good read, if you want to jump into the registry and learn about it...
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    I recommend this one to help you out. Links there to read reviews. hope this helps.
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    The Registry is a database used by Windows95, 98 and NT to store user preferences, setup, device, and system configuration. The Registry files are vital to the proper execution of the Operating Systems.
    Trying to simplify what it is for you; I guess in a sense you could think of it as the bios/cmos for the windows OS ...

    As for good registry cleaners... couldn't tell ya, I don't use them. I use regedit ...
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    Crapcleaner is good, if you have money buy one of those all in one programs like System Mechanic which will take care of all your problems in one swoop, you can of course download it for a trial and simply use it as a once off good clean up till it runs out.

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