I have recently changed the parent server of all the clients of NAV 10 to a new one, ok now the issue is the virus definition on the clients is 6 months old, its of june 15 2005, my parent server virus is of 28 dec 2005, so the clients should have the same.

I have waited a whole day and for few clients its been 2 days the definition is still old, and also i have noticed one more thing after these clients have been mapped with the new parent server, the virus definition of the parent server can not be updated.

When i click live update it gives me message all the symantec products and components installed in this system are currently up-to-date . I manually downloaded the latest virus definition and try to run it, but still im seeing that old virus definition.

Now what could be possible wrong here?. Is it to do with this mapping of server or something else. ?

Method adopted to Change the Parent Server

I followed this procedure for changing the parent server, i copied the GRC.DAT file in the users directory of the symantec client in each PC after few mins. it changed the parent server automatically.