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Thread: newbie seeking recommendations on sources

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    newbie seeking recommendations on sources

    Howdy, I've been working at computers my whole life and lately I've become highly interested in networks- and network security-type fields. Currently I'm learning Visual Basic programming and will work my way into Internet web designing over the next year. But blah blah blah, I was just wondering if anyone here who's experienced in the feild of networking and the likes had any particular sources of information they could steer me towards. There's so much junk out there claiming to be relevant information, but I guess even free speech has its drawbacks. Somebody reads two lines of indepth syntax and thinks they're a pro. Arg.
    Oh, and wanted to say I like the web site and hope to continue posting and reading. Adios.
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    what do u mean my networking? u mean socket programming "writing client/server applications". if i were u i would learn a real programming language like C/C++ and read beej's guide for learning socket programming.

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    Local Barnes and Nobles has pleanty of books you can read. Internet is filled with crap, I would suggest sticking to Microsofts web site, Technet is also a good source. But books and this site are about the only two things I really use for good information. Not saying that google wont help you but there is a lot of fishing you have to do before you find good info.

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    You're learning VB so I'm assuming you're on windows.. MSDN has tons of info..

    If you want to learn about networking, start at home..
    Get another machine and network them.. Learn about TCP/IP, what it is and how it works.
    If you cannot afford a new machine get an oldy, as long as it works..
    Try a BSD or a linux distro.. That way you kill 2 or even 3 birds with 1 stone..
    You'll learn about networking, another OS and more indepth knowledge on how things work...
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