What Darwin didn't know.

In light of the An “Intelligently Designed” Ruling? Thread I suggest that you study all the advances in DNA Research not necessarily my interpretation of what I read, which is provided below. Do it and draw your own conclusions.

1859 – "The Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin

1953 – James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the DNA structure of our cells.

1953 – Present: the DNA code has been deciphered.

DNA molecules are the carriers of the DNA Language, the individual assembly instructions for each and every living cell and organism. It has a distinct similarity to a perfect computer program. A multitude of lines of code, perfectly structured and organized. As was the DNA Language of the bacteria which some believe we evolved from.

To evolve means to change the perfectly structured and organized genetic information of that bacteria. However, any chance mutation or natural selection as Darwin implies, would alter the DNA Language of the original bacteria and would have killed it. Much as a chance mutation in a computer program would cause it to fail. Natural selection in computer language does not exist.


Dept of Biochemistry, Otago University
Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle.