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Thread: Viruses, Spyware, Malware etc

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    Viruses, Spyware, Malware etc


    I hope this is the correct forum to post this question. If it is not please excuse me.

    I've a Dell Laptop [ OS Windows XP Pro w/SP2, Mcafee Security Center, MS Anti Spyware Software ]. I run the AV and the AntiSpyware software on a consistent basis to make sure my Laptop is not infected with Viruses. Trojans or some other kind of Malware. I'm very careful of the websites I visit.

    My question is, inspite of me running the AV and the AntiSpyware, is it possible for Viruses/Spyware and other kind of Unwanted Programs to get installed on my computer? If so, can someone suggest what kind/type[s] of tests I could perform to make sure my system is free from Malware etc?

    BTW, I use Limited Account Logon credentials.


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    The simple amswere is yes. None of the protection you have will give you 100% protection. You are only being protected against that, which, your protection has the ability to detect. So a new piece of crud that is designed to by pass your AV/Anti spyware will not be detected.

    Infact it is quite common for a crud writer to code his malicious **** to disable your defences. Norton and McAfee have both had this happen in resent times.

    There is nothing like taking basic precautions and using a limited account is a great step. With XP Pro there is plenty of other configuration changes you can make to harden your system it has a proper security policy. Get to no it well and I doubt you will ever have any serious problems.

    Of course you can back up the protection you have with online scanners, such as "Trend Micros" house call and you can install stuff like Adaware and spybot search and destroy, to compliment Microsofts product.
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    You should also consider a personal firewall. Either enable the one that comes in WinXP, pickup one of the free ones, or buy one. This adds a layer, it isn't a 100 percent solution. There are a lot of other suggestions and ideas on other threads here. Keep reading and asking questions. That's one of the best ways to learn.

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    Try to not use build in microsoft software, such as IE, WMP,OutLook.
    To not overload you computer you can also try some router(or *dsl modem) with build in AV and FireWall
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    You can never be 100% protected from all the evil **** on the net, but your current practicies are a good first step. In addition to what the others have said, you should occasionally make some backups of your important files, just in case something screws up your box bad enough that you have to reformat. Also, running your AV and Anti Spyware in safe mode can help you find some buggers that you might've missed when running normally.
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