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Thread: Standing on the bull's eye

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    Re: standing on the bull's eye

    Originally posted here by whatsinaname
    It's been bandied about that organized crime, hate groups, and the like have their hands on electronic weapons.

    google "through the wall imaging"

    google "millimeter waves"

    Can you sing along with Sting
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    Nice first 3 posts, whatsinaname. Do you want to know who'd stop these e-terrorists? We would.
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    Re: Standing on the bull's eye

    Originally posted here by whatsinaname
    anybody come across this article by Professor Brenner of the University of Dayton School of Law :

    The bottom line seems to be "Watch Out. "An attack can be mounted from a great distance, a victim may not even know that he/she is being attacked; and/or there are no protective measures currently available to protect a potential target from attack."

    What's up with these conclusions.
    Anybody else find it strange that the main report they are citing is a DOD file from 8 years ago??? If this was such a preiminent danger, why hasn't this happened yet?

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    Hi, Locked

    Nihil, i meant the trunk of economics, IE bank transactions, stock exchange, etc. W/o those, then everything would quickly fall apart, due to how much we've come to rely on them. Our world today depends on communications with the far reaches. How would companies pay their employees?
    Yes, I understand that, but these systems are generally "secure", dedicated line etc...........?

    The telephone still works?..............well mine does, and that is the only online banking I use. Stock exchanges rely on IT for information but the deals are still done on the telephone

    I think that we need to separate the concepts of a physical attack on the infrastructure and an electronic one?

    The end results might be quite different, because in one case you have to think of the entire communications network, not just the internet.

    I might suggest considering the near space detonation of a 100megaton thermonuclear device..........and the effects of the resultant electromagnetic pulse......?

    OMG! the wife's hair dryer won't work, the microwave is screwed, there is nothing on the TV..........I must leave you now as I have a bunker to dig and stock with beer and cat food.

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    Eat the cat.

    No cat food = more room for beer.

    BTW the <insert co-habiting female>'s hairdryer/straighteners not working IS a global disaster.

    BUT a true disaster....warm beer. No 'leccy = no fridge = WARM BEER!!
    Not to worry thanks to a Nigerian Engineer.

    He made a simple system where the contents of an inner pot are cooled by the evaporation of water from the surface of an outer pot.

    So even after the power is removed by those nasty nukes we can still have cold beer. Humanity will endure.

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    standing on the bull's eye

    electronic weapons. now i read that the effects on the population can be just as catastrophic as on computer systems. Can affect the nervous system, cause severe head pain, take a standing person down., can affect every human organ, and that there is an alarming potential use as a torture device and that's not the whole of it. It just occurred to me that this might be off topic. Is it?

    Hi Tiger Shark:

    What does ROFLAMO mean? I googled it but couldn't find anything useful.

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    Topic is drifting from security. If you want to continue it you might want to restart in cosmos or chit chat.

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    Originally posted here by nihil
    Errr Locked

    Please remember that the internet is a "five minute wonder" and that the World Economy was formed long before it's existence?

    It is a bit like destroying all cell phones..............most of us can remember life long before they came into existence

    I have every confidence in the members of Western Capitalist Society being able to rip each other off without the internet
    That's not what he said. He didn't say it would destroy economy as a concept or something, he said it would be a blow to it. And that's quite out of discussion. Hell a big forestfire has an effect on the economy. If people massively start getting some of their savings, because the banks can't communicate with eachother you surely as hell gone get economic problems. And that doesn't even have to do **** with international money transfers or anything.
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    Originally posted here by Locked
    Did you hear about that incident a while ago about how parts of the west coast had no 'net because some guy accidentally dug out a piece of the fiber?Three different ISP's lost service because of that incident.
    And yet society didn't come crashing down around our ears. The economy kept plugging right along. The political and economical stability of our country still remains. And other than some people who had nothing better to do than sit around whining "when is my service going to come back on?" no one really noticed that it happened. Hell this was the first I even heard of it....imagine that!

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    Most of you guys have probably seen this already, but it does prove that a stock market can be taken down for a short while now by viruses.
    Admittedly it is a long way from taking out the world economy, but it must have cost some people a lot of money. And it doesn't look like that was the intended effect. If somebody set out to do this then you have to wonder if they could manage it.
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