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Thread: Firefox update screws up my extentions

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    Angry Firefox update screws up my extentions

    This will come off as more of a b*tching sessions...
    ...But I wanted to head from other people using Firefox.

    I just got the pup-up saying a Firefox update was available, so I went ahead with it. Once it was done, it then tells me that some of my extentions are not compatible with the update.

    I now lost some of my prefered functionality of Firefox from that incompatibility.

    Now, If I want to revert back before the update (until the author updates the extention) I will have
    [list=1][*]Make note of my extentions in use[*]Make note of my theme[*]backup my bookmarks[*]uninstall firefox[*]locate a back version of firefox on the web[*]install firefox[*]download all my extentions and theme again[*]dismiss the update when it comes[/list=1]

    It would have been nice for it to tell me right away, *hey, btw, before we update, these extentions won't work with this version*

    I'll also make mention of it on mozilla's site (although I'm sure others have already)

    So basically just venting and wanted to share with other who might suffer the same


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    This extension may be of help :

    Nightly Tester Tools

    This extension adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox, Thunderbird and the Application Suite.

    This extension now works on branch builds of Firefox and Thunderbird.


    Nightly Tester Tools

    * Allows you to install incompatible extensions (experimental).
    * Allows you to force the application to believe an extension is compatible with the current version and enable it. (Only works on recent builds of Firefox and Thunderbird, branch and trunk since 20/08/2005).

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