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Thread: html counter?

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    html counter?

    I'm programming a webpage and my friend wants a counter, but is it feasible to make a counter with html alone or would I need javascript or something? I really dunno...

    Every hit counter does not display the code, so I have no clue unfortunatly

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Why reinvent the wheel?? There are alot of counters out there and alot of them are free.
    Try this one: Site Counter
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    I use the counter from Its pretty nice. Free and they also offer other services on top of that for the same price. They generate the code for you- its JavaScript code. The script only takes up three lines.


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    To actually answer your question: no you cant make a web counter strictly from html. the closest you could come to that is a few sites offer services that allow you to embed a graphic file into your webpage and their service would keep track of any hits. the downside is that it is not very accurate.

    but most webhosts offer logs of some sort for their customers, and if they dont provide an analyzer for you, there are several good free ones available. talk to your host about the info you need. see if they can give it to you.

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