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Thread: Valentines Day "Immoral"

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    Valentines Day "Immoral"

    No love for Valentine's Day in parts of India
    Hindu and Muslim groups burn cards to protest ‘immorality’

    NEW DELHI, India - Hardline Hindu and Muslim groups burned Valentine’s Day greeting cards on Tuesday and held protests across India against celebrating the festival of love, saying it was a Western import that spread immorality.

    Saint Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular in India in recent years, a trend led by retailers who do healthy business selling heart-shaped balloons and fluffy teddy bears.

    But the growing popularity of the day in officially secular, but mainly Hindu India has also sparked protests which have sometimes turned violent.

    On Tuesday, protests were held in the capital New Delhi, some towns in the country’s south and the only Muslim state of Jammu and Kashmir, where an Islamic insurgency has raged since 1989.

    About two dozen women separatists, veiled in black from head to toe, rummaged shops and burnt Valentine’s Day cards in Srinagar, Kashmir’s summer capital, witnesses said.

    “Valentine’s Day spreads immorality among the youth,” Asiya Andrabi of the Dukhtaran-e-Milat (Daughters of the Muslim Faith), a group of women separatists, said in a statement.

    “We appeal to our children to stay away from this western culture.”

    In Bangalore, India’s technology capital, as well as Hubli town, both located in the southern state of Karnataka, groups of Hindu nationalists burnt a big heart-shaped card.

    About 50 Hindu activists wearing holy saffron-colored scarves held a noisy protest in a popular market near the Delhi University campus, a Reuters photographer said.

    They burnt greeting cards which they were carrying and shouted “Down with Valentine’s Day.”

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    Okay I have to correct you (or atleast add in some more information)

    please do not take my comments in wrong way I am trying to assertive and I'm sorry if i sound aggressive.

    Anyway valentine day is NOT opposed by HINDU's OR MUSLIMS. It is opposed by **political** parties. They do this to get vote and nothing else. I have not read the news article nor will I read it because I don't need to I have much better experience and I belive in facts that I have seen and heard with my own eyes then with some reporters.

    Please forgive me for my outburst I don't mean to be like this nor I'm i like this but its hard to live 24 hours being 900 KM away from your loved one whom' you haven't met in one year and seeing such M************ B******** ruin a wonderful day all in the name of RELIGION

    Trust me all political party leaders here are over 50 and too old for any kind of love or lovemaking. Nobody has the right to stop someone from loving

    A political party leader in BHOPAL (capital of Madhya Pradesh which is a state in India) said that he will force any couple he see's today to get married on the spot

    (fill in your comments and laughter here)

    PS : Again I'm sorry for the anger. Ill promptly delete the post if someone finds it offending but the truth remains

    Valentine day will remain forever. ANd I support it.
    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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    I'm glad they have nothing better to do than burn valentine's cards. I'd personally hate to see them, say, do something constructive. I know, I know I'm asking way too much.
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    - Samuel Johnson

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    Not only in India

    Shops in Saudi Arabia are nearing a deadline to ensure they are not selling goods marking Valentine's Day.
    Shops and other outlets, such as restaurants, are officially banned from marking Valentine's Day, in which lovers traditionally exchange cards and gifts.
    Computer says no
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    I think the protest is more to do with the Americanized and commercialization of India.

    Indians have nothing against cards, love and sex. The issue of the immorality goes with the idea of giving Valentine's to multiple people, rather than just to one person. It is perceived that giving Valentine's or your heart and love to everyone you know will lead to promiscuity and the social problems that arise from it.

    Regardless, it is foolish to burn them, however I guess as long as they aren't violent and pay for the cards they burn, there is nothing wrong with it.

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    Thank you for that illuminative post. I am in the UK, and the only time I have ever sent a Valentine's card is for a "wind-up" or practical joke. The Valentine's Day thing has always been commercial exploitation over here..... it is not taken seriously.

    Now, I do send Christmas cards, Easter Cards, and Diwali cards, because those have genuine religious connotations.

    I would suggest that Hindus should be more proactive than reactive. Apart from the obvious Bhagavad-gita I guess that I only have a couple of Hindu books. That is in comparison to about 70 Christian ones and over 100 Islamic.

    I guess I should try harder.............?????????????

    I will leave you with this quotation (transliterated, so please do not be offended):

    "When Brahma's day is manifest, this multitude of living entities comes into being, and at the arrival of Brahma's night they are all annihilated"

    That is the Hindu version of Genesis and Apocalypse?

    May Allah, Ohm, God and Jaweh bless all of your endeavours....................

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    Hmm. How odd that the religion that gave the world the Kama Sutra is condemning a day for lovers...
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    There are limitations and probabtion in our Religion (Islam)...... but expressing your love to dearest has never been prohibted, your are not harming anyone its love that you are spreading and i believe me its not wrong at all. Its just political leaders who wanted to remain in the news and mis-guide immature people, just pushing them with the name of religion.

    What i have been thinking about this Valentines day is that why its just expressing love with your opposite sex, i mean why b/w BF and GF. I mean its the day for expressing love so one should expressing it with his/her dearest one could be Brother, a collegue.

    In our part of the world its just giving gifts n flowers, to a GF or BF. Nothing more than that.
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    Hi FanacooL

    The problem is that this is a totally commercial event over here. There are no religious services in honour of "St Valentine".............he is not particularly recognised by the Christian Church.

    Way back, when Christianity was trying to convert pagans (idolaters) they adopted certain major feasts and characters. So St Valentine is really a substitute for Aphrodite, Cupid and whatever...........the gods/godesses of love.

    Lots of things change over time.......St. George and the Dragon...................? no we don't have dragons over here............but St George was an important Roman soldier in the Imperial Guard, and his being a Christian was unacceptable to the pagan Roman idolaters of the time. The "dragon" is actually satan or the great djall, which was epitomised by the Roman Empire.

    Any objections against Valentines day have to be cultural and/or political as it has no basis in religion.

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    |3lack|ce I have to say this again and even now I say this with motive to inform you or atleast correct you. I have no hathred or anger towards you or anyone here, So please forgive me if my post or language suggests otherwise

    Anyway Like I said earlier "NEITHER HINDU'S NOR MUSLIMS" OPPOSE VALENTINE DAY. The guys who oppose it do it in name of religion when they dont even know a single HINDU or MUSLIM prayer.

    I have stayed away from TV yesterday and newspapers of today because I know they are filled with incidents where lovers are beater up, shops are burnt and property is distroyed all in the NAME OF RELIGION BUT REALLY FOR VOTE AND NOTHING ELSE.

    All i'm trying to say here is whatever or wherever you have heard that HINDUS pr MUSLIMS HAVE PROTESTED ITS ALL FALSE I can assure you that. Everyone who opposed did for vote.

    i dont understand why would some one oppose a day to APPRICIATE their loved one's. I mean life has become so matirialistic. We never stand and look at our parner and tell them how beautiful they are or how just their presence has influenced our life in a wonderful way (for everyone who does this once a day or even once a week, I'm really happy for you and god bless you). You have one day in entire year which is dedicated to your partner and that is RUINED BY SOME 50 YEAR OLD BOTTOM FEEDING SCUMBAG who thinks "VALENTINE" IS USA OR WESTERN CULTURE> THOSE M*********** DONT REALISE THAT ATLEAST ONE DAY YOU GET UP IN THE MORNING AND INSTEAD OF READING THE PAPER OR LOOKING AT THE LOGS YOU LOOK AT YOUR LOVED ONE AND APPRICIATE THEIR improtance, beauty and their commitment towards you.

    Here the politicians gave reason's like : "its because of valentine day that girls get pregnent or if you celebrate valentine day that means you are become slave's of USA"


    I had recently read a thread in this same forum about how because of actions of few someone whould start hating an entire country. Well I hope he got his answer now.

    I love VALENTINE DAY AND EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR AS LONG AS I"m WITH MY LOVED ONE. I dont give SH*t abour such perople or anyone else opposing it with other reason. i only have so much frustration because my friend is in hopital because he went almost 200 KM to see his girlfriend and when they went out for a movie their car was stopped and windshield stoned because he was with his girlfriend. Instead of seeing his and her dedication to meet after a 9 hour job by travelling 200 Km on an INDIAN ROAD. they say it as people endorsing USA OR WESTERN CULTURE

    PS : guys really sorry for my frustration, I know it is non of anyones business but I just dont want any religion, whether my or any other being blamed for love.

    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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