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Thread: finding ip from telephone number??

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    finding ip from telephone number??

    hi whats up??

    is there any way to calculat some one ip number from his telepone number ??


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    Not unless you work for their ISP.

    Most likely you could do a determination of IP based on the user's commonly used handles (and the forums they visit), particularly if their handle is unique.
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    Is this a VoIP question?
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    IP Addresses are in no way shape or form related to someones Phone number.

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    Heh, that was the first question I ever asked on a usenet security board when I got interested in the internet to a more technical level. (and damn what a flaming I got, im still putting honey on the wounds)

    Bascially if we think of a 56k modem for easy of explaining (ADSL, Cable and other means work the same to an extent), if when your connected to the internet on your 56k modem, you lift your telephone reciever and have a listern you'll hear the "computer talking", this is modulated TCP/IP packets, the modems job is to modulate and demodulate the packets to "talk" to your ISP. Where as you are dialing into there service using the phones all the information is routed in this modulated signal. So you can see that the IP is seen in this ISP connection, which is placing your computer on there network, becuase thats basically that you are, a computer on the ISP's LAN, kinda... (dont pull me apart here im trying to make things easy to understand, whilst prehaps not technically correct)

    With a normal telephone your PSTN (public switched telephone nework) routes the calls based on the number you have dialed, this information is contained within the noises that the modem makes when it dials the ISP.

    So no, the actaully hardware level telephone number isnt contained within the details that you as an attacker or otherwise have access to.

    Hope that makes sense.


    ps - heres some links that might help you understand -- about modems. -- about telephones and there networks

    edit - the only way I can think to get the telephone number would be to drop a program on that dials your number and you have called ID on your phone, that would give you the number, although its illegal...

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    Hi mr-unix

    is there any way to calculat some one ip number from his telepone number ??

    You don't say where you are but the answer for the UK is "no".

    I have two ISPs one is for 56.6 dial up down my phone line. I can dial that one up from any phone in the UK and get a "cheap rate" connection. The ISP will then allocate me an IP number from their block(s). This changes every time I connect. There is no connection between the two, and unless they store the phone number that I connect from (which I suspect they do not) there is no way that the ISP would know my telephone number. They certainly did not ask for it when I registered, and it has changed subsequently.

    The ADSL connection is different as the ISP certainly know the phone number. I can only connect from this telephone line, but once again I get a random IP from one of their blocks. There is no logical connection between the two, and the IP address changes each time I connect.

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    im from isreal
    i just geting deeply in networking

    tnx for the replys and the links i will read them now

    tnx for the help

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    Just out of curiosity...why would you want to know this?
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    Sometimes it's possible the other way arround.

    You may be able to get the phone number for an IP address
    by connecting to their system and viewing their personal info.


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    I did this once i was tracking someone who has broken into the site. Got hold of ISP's logs
    then got the number for a specific IP on specific date and time. After that i just phoned
    Telecom and got them to give me the name and address of the person i was looking for.
    It was quite a fast process. But other then that telephone numbers have no relation with
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