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Thread: finding ip from telephone number??

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    hmm bagz,
    i dont think most of telecoms in western countries would give you this information unless order comes from "above".
    Privacy law is little bit tough these days.
    By the way i have router and how i find which phone number i am conected when i establish connecion with my isp??
    with modem was easy to find out but with adsl router i am lost???
    any clues???

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    ADSL doesn't use phonenumbers
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    By the way i have router and how i find which phone number i am conected when i establish connecion with my isp??
    If your system is the same as ours, you are using your telephone number as that identifies the line you are permitted to use, it is thus part of the authentication process..

    As SirDice correctly implies, ADSL is not a dial-up service.

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    Hey unvi$ible, it worked in S.A. . But yeah you are right they would never give me this info
    in western countries unless you know how to ask .
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    ASDL uses frequencys higher (why you dont hear it, check out the ear frequency response, google) than that of the standard method of communication on a PSTN, your modem connects to a DSLAM (go google it), this splits POTS (go google it) and adsl parts of your communcation, so this obviously has some knowledge of phone numbers to route them.

    The traffic only becomes TCP/IP after it has passed the ATM network and Home Gateway (these might just be specific names to BT), this traffic is then Transmitted to the ISP.

    So id imagine then that the DSLAM translates your phone number into a routing code of some description and that this is passed to the home gateway where the translation occurs, to TCP/IP

    So unless you have access to the hardware, like BT, I think you'd find it hard to recover this, I believe that even the ISP would have to go to BT for this information unless they hold it on registration. Im not sure that even the police have ready access to this information, without the assistance of BT - besides legislation like the RIPA.

    Sorry to use BT (british telecom, or , but thats all I know.


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