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Thread: 802.11b Packet Injection

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    Cool 802.11b Packet Injection

    I currently have a

    senao SL-2511CD PLUS


    Lucent Orinoco Gold Classic card

    Linux detects both these cards as having a hermes chipset, and it is noted that hermes cards are incapable of doing 802.11b packet injections.

    The program I am using for testing this Wireless Security flaw is aireplay. It packs with the aircrack suite.

    My question is does anyone know of a pcmcia card for laptops that supports this and also has an external jack for pigtail and external antenna mounting.

    I want a card that is like the orinoco classic gold card. I want it to be able to go into monitor mode, and do the packet injection as well. Card must also be capable of 128bit encryption

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    the only one that comes to mind without doing about a half hour of searching would be a cisco aironet card.

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    i found my card

    thanks i found my card

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    Originally posted here by spamdies
    the only one that comes to mind without doing about a half hour of searching would be a cisco aironet card.
    Yup, thats about it. Has the Orinco chipset, correct ?
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    I recommend the Senao NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 200mw. It requires an external antenna, but it is a very capable card.


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    I own a WPC55AG found via man ath on FreeBSD:

    The following cards are among those supported by the ath driver:

    Card Chip Bus Standard
    Aztech WL830PC AR5212 CardBus b/g
    Cisco AIR-CB21AG AR5115 Cardbus a/b/g
    Cisco AIR-PI21AG AR5115 PCI a/b/g
    D-Link DWL-A650 AR5210 CardBus a
    D-Link DWL-AB650 AR5211 CardBus a/b
    D-Link DWL-A520 AR5210 PCI a
    D-Link DWL-AG520 AR5212 PCI a/b/g
    D-Link DWL-AG650 AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    D-Link DWL-G520B AR5212 PCI b/g
    D-Link DWL-G650B AR5212 CardBus b/g
    Elecom LD-WL54AG AR5212 Cardbus a/b/g
    Elecom LD-WL54 AR5211 Cardbus a
    Fujitsu E5454 AR5212 Cardbus a/b/g
    Fujitsu FMV-JW481 AR5212 Cardbus a/b/g
    Fujitsu E5454 AR5212 Cardbus a/b/g
    HP NC4000 AR5212 PCI a/b/g
    I/O Data WN-AB AR5212 CardBus a/b
    I/O Data WN-AG AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    I/O Data WN-A54 AR5212 CardBus a
    Linksys WMP55AG AR5212 PCI a/b/g
    Linksys WPC51AB AR5211 CardBus a/b
    Linksys WPC55AG AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    NEC PA-WL/54AG AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    Netgear WAG311 AR5212 PCI a/b/g
    Netgear WAB501 AR5211 CardBus a/b
    Netgear WAG511 AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    Netgear WG311T AR5212 PCI b/g
    Netgear WG511T AR5212 CardBus b/g
    Orinoco 8480 AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    Orinoco 8470WD AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    Proxim Skyline 4030 AR5210 CardBus a
    Proxim Skyline 4032 AR5210 PCI a
    Samsung SWL-5200N AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    SMC SMC2536W-AG AR5212 CardBus a/b/g
    SMC SMC2735W AR5210 CardBus a
    Sony PCWA-C700 AR5212 Cardbus a/b
    Sony PCWA-C300S AR5212 Cardbus b/g
    Sony PCWA-C500 AR5210 Cardbus a
    3Com 3CRPAG175 AR5212 CardBus a/b/g

    I'm sure man ath on Linux gives you a similar list.. So does man wi, wl, an, ray, awi and cnw.. Do note not all drivers/cards are supported by aircrack.. The readme contained in the package has a list of what cards are supported. My WPC55AG works like a charm. It works with all the tools I've used so far.
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    I know this is slightly off topic, but it does apply.
    As often as this subject comes up, some one should add a sticky of wireless cards, their chip sets, and supported modes under linux, in the wifi section.

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    The SMC2532W-B also meets your criteria. 11b, 2 pigtail connectors, and 128 bit capable. It is also desirous for playing with wifi because it is a 200mW card. With two 7DBi antennae, you can see AP's several miles out with clear line-of-site.
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