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Thread: USB Drive as downloading device v.possible?

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    USB Drive as downloading device v.possible?

    Okay, this is a strange question. This idea just popped into my head and I'm not really sure there would be any real purpose to do this, but I am curious if it's possible.

    Would it be possible to plug in an MP3 player or a thumb drive into your USB port and somehow give people access to only that MP3 player or thumb drive?

    Say I plug in my thumb drive. I leave my computer and do whatever. My friend/s or others access that USB storage device through the net or other means.

    Can this happen? Like I said... I do not really see a point, but I am just wondering.


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    you can share just the thumb drive... as long as it mounts as a removable disk... you just have to go to my computer, right click on the thumb drive, and go to sharing... your friends would have to be on your local network [unless you have terrible security settings] to access it though.
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