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Thread: Need to change my vBulletin pass`s.

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    Need to change my vBulletin pass`s.

    A couple friends helped me get my website up and going. They helped me get vBulletin installed and working. Now after giving Admin rights to 1, there has been a "falling out" it seems. As far as banning/de-modding/etc... I got that under control. I just need to know... What are all the places I will need to change passwords? I want to get this done quick before there is any damage done and my whole domain is taken over.

    I relied so much on friends setting things up that I was so stupid, that I didn't learn myself.

    Where do I start?

    What about the config.php file? I know that asked for passwords. To what? Where/how do I change those?

    Edit: So far, I have changed the password I use to log into my host's website.

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    Using your FTP client, edit the config.php file. scroll down until you see the part about the super user etc.

    You will see a password that has been set up for the undeletable/unbannable user.
    Just change that password, and then in the admin control panel in the forum, scroll to that user's profile and manually change the password that you have set in the config.php file.

    Also check ALL users accounts that might have been set up secretly with administrative priveleges, and adjust to normal user settings as accordingly..

    If you need further help them feel free to Pm me, or visit the Vbulletin Forum and ask for help there.

    Also if there are others that have access to the FTP server that is holding the website, delete or change those passwords also..


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