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Thread: Custom Ferrari Computer Case

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    Custom Ferrari Computer Case

    I've been planning for a while now to design a Ferrari themed computer case. Problem is finding a case that I like. PC case design is very very blah! So I decided to build my own from scratch.

    Mind you I don't work with metal and I don't have accesss to metal or tools but my uncle has a workshop, so he's offered to help me out. The concept it to keep it sleek, classic and Ferrariesque in form.

    Let's start with the CHASSIS

    It's simple, strong and should be easier to assemble. I was entertaining crosmembers like in a tubular space frame but I'd rather keep it simple because realistically this project along is an undertaking unto itself (wieght's an issue as well). I'd use existing components from a doner case like the 5.25 bays motherboard tray and rear facing brakets.

    The 3 holes in the bottom will have 80mm fans, which will **** air from below the elevated base, and cool the components. No pesky air vents or holes in the panels. Keeping the concept clean.


    You can't erally get a sense of the shap until you see the top view but the chassis is meant to only be aprox 7" across, but the side will bow outward to form on contonious arc from rear to rear.

    Livery echoes the Marlboro design and the logo's of the parts I planto use will be on showcased on the front. Undecided if I'm goign to add 'Marlboro' under the chevron.


    In case you were wondering where the CD drives were, well here's your answer. I thought this would be very cool becaue I've never seen this before. Keep the front clean, and I've never liked the swinging door to hide the 5.25" drives. I'll use aliminum face plates to keep the look consistant.


    Here's a look at the top, the drives are visable and the top and rear will be wire mesh so rising hot air can be expelled.

    Here's a look without the mesh.

    So that's what I have so far, I'm pretty psyched about it and I really like it as is. If you guys suggest anything I can incorporate which I like I will do so. Maybe it needs something ont eh exterial Maybe it's too simple, but I'd rather it be too simple than too much.


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    Nice concept, but I do see one problem. The reason you haven't seen top mounted drives before is that they would be a dirt trap. With the drawers pointed up, dust and dirt would settle right into your drives, especially with your fans on the bottom of the case. Almost like it would be a dirt vacuum.
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    greetings moxnix...

    not sure I agree, I have thought about dust but I don't think it will be an issue. Besides If you look at the chassis it's meant to be clear and free of abstruction. I was more worried about how the drives will funciton placed in the position rather then something going inside. I should mention I may develop of filter of some sort if necessary if that becomes an issue.

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