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Thread: Am I Paranoid?

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    Am I Paranoid?

    The other day a friend brought his laptop over to update his files using my dsl, he has a dialup that your lucky if you get 28k speed and there is no cable or dsl where he lives. I left him for a while and when I came back I found he was downloading some music on his laptop using shareaza, I told him the trouble I could get in if they scanned his computer and found copywrited music on it and had him disconnect and show me his shared folder, it was empty only for the 3 mp3 files he downloaded from shareaza. He deleted the files immediately and said he was sorry, he said he was only downloading for less than 1 hour from shareaza. I am not sure if the files were copywrited or not. Is there any chance of getting into trouble because of those 3 files. Signed getting paranoid.

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    Are you serious ?

    If it was kiddie porn i would worry but a few mp3's is nothing to worry about and if you are in the phillipines correct me if im wrong but they dont even ahve laws against hacking let alone pirating music or 'warez' in general
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    The evidence is on another machine.............someone uses your phone to arrange a bank heist...............not you mate..............unless you live in some very weird country?

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    greetings prodikal

    YES! I am Filipino but am presently working here in Sultanate of Oman (yes maybe it's a weird country)

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