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Thread: Learning for morons??

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    Learning for morons??

    hi again all,i want to thank those of you that were kind enough to reply to my first 2 posts.i am most gratefull

    basically i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of something for a total novice like me to read,preferably available online,that would help me begin to understand computers in the way that u guys do.

    i realise that most of u have years under your belt,and their are no quick fixes,but there are so many tutorials on this site,and they all seem so advanced

    i've only ever really used the net for surfing and playing games.i also only have a basic knowledge of how to use xp,just enough to get by really.however i do have lots of time on my hands because i'm currently unemployed and seeing a doctor about my depression.just thought that learning about computers would be something constructive to do rather than just watching anime and playing videogames all the time.

    i kind of live in the middle of nowhere however and my funds are somewhat tight right now,what would u guys suggest as kind of a stepping stone to learn more?.i can tell that there is so much for me to learn but the tutorials might as well be written in chinese right now.

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    I feel ya. I'm kinda going through that depression stuff myself right now, long epic story. Stay focused and keep pressing forward man, just another beast to slay.

    So getting started...Yeah, it's intimidating as heck. AO is a great starting point, and is where I started. Just start googling topics and following links. Look for tutorials. Really, the sky's the limit.

    Basically, just pick a topic out of the air, hit google, and start digging.

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    thanx dude,i'll have ta get cracking it seems (no pun intended).

    i'm glad someone else has this depression bullshit,although i hope that u have lots of supportive ppl around u to help u through.i think i'd go mad sometimes if it wasn't for my family helping me out.

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    Well, it seems that learning computers might not be your biggest problem right now from what you have said. Why don't you take a look at this site?
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    Please chill out my friend, I guess we all get "there" at some point in our lives. Hey I have two divorces behind me!

    The "secret" such as there is one, is to stay proactive.........don't collapse in on yourself..........get out, get about.......find things to occupy yourself.

    Human contact is vitally important, after that pets.................

    Religion can help, but if you happen to be a humanist, maybe helping out at a local charity...........welfare group or whatever.

    You need to get out and in contact

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