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Thread: Profile Lost When Computer Unlocked

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    Are you sure its clean ????

    I have seen machines act up when it cant get updates...depending on the OS...

    MS has a doc how to open the requests on the ISA\firewall they changed the update site...

    The machine will continually try and connect and starts to misbehave when it cant

    Mostly I have experieinced this with W2K machines...

    Sometimes....its just best to format and reinstall...that way you may be able to glean if it is a hardware issue..

    Installs will usually fail with faulty hardware

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    Also, Malware will edit your HOSTS file so that the window's updates end up calling Home and this is true for AV software as well, which have automatic update options, so it sounds like something is interfering with the processes.

    Run a HJT log and have a look at it or check for any unusual processes in task manager.
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    So she locks her machine (everything is working normally), then when she comes back the next day the profile is lost?

    That to me sounds like a problem with hardware, and software.

    If she lost it when she logs in after reboot or logout then I would say the problem is windows. There was a patch that was released awhile back. It had to do with the registry being corrupted for the user this would then generate a new profile on logon.

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    insist that she LOGS OUT as a minimum

    have you ran the updates ?
    set auto update to D/L but to install only when you say.....

    my first instinct was the auto update failing
    suspect S/W corruption

    if it's a work machine, and the image is standard

    if the image is not standard, then run a repair with an XP cd
    that is to go on till it asks whether you want to install a fresh version OR repair

    choose repair
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