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Thread: ClamWin Free Anti-Virus

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    ClamWin Free Anti-Virus

    Hi All,

    I was just reading the manual that comes with the latest release of ClamWin Free AV and it mentions that ClamWin does not run in real time like other AV software.

    Does that just mean it only actually "protects" you is when it does it's scheduled scans?

    If so than I'm not so sure I like it anymore...

    Thanks for any feedback,


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    It's why I don't use it....
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    If you're wanting a free anti-virus solution for home, just go with something like AntiVir.

    ClamWin, whilst geared for potential, is still heavily in development and has a fair way to go before it's truly a viable alternative to most mainstream anti-virus solutions.

    I use ClamWin at work, but that's only because AntiVir can only be used for free, at home

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