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Thread: hello, mind if I share some thoughts?

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    hello, mind if I share some thoughts?

    My name is mischievous.

    I speak 20 different languages.

    18/20 of them are made up.

    I love going to the mall and looking at stuff I know I can't buy in my lifetime.

    I love it more when a 7 yr old kid with no job gets to buy what I'm looking at.

    I think if a guy has a certain "shortcoming".

    I think he should be able to park in the handicaped parking space.

    I think the dinosaurs were wiped out not because of a meteor hitting the earth.

    my guess is body odor.

    I wish there was a new gentler term for cancer.

    like "better write your will now buddy.".

    I think the reason disney created tigger is because they hate taiwanese people.

    I'd like to hear a stevie wonder cover of the song that goes"~I can see clearly now the rain is gone...bright bright sun-shiny day~".

    I think the terrorist are bombing the wrong places.

    If I was one I'd bomb the local porn shop in the area.

    I wish I could have the chance to hug Oprah.

    because it will be easier to rob her that way than to hold up a gun in her face.

    I wish there were hotels on the way to the top of mount everest.

    makes it much easier to climb.

    or better yet an elevator.

    my ultimate goal in life is go to the moon and take a dump there.

    I think Donald Trump is a cheap bastard.

    because he only hires one person on his show.

    I think the 700 club needs more followers.

    I think barbie would sell huge to the male demographic if the makers would drill a hole in every toy.

    I think the fastest way to stop people from arguing is a hand grenade.

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    hello, mind if I share some thoughts?
    Yes, we do!


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    I Think you Think (to much !!) not enough !

    [edit] Sorry ..after reading this crap again, I decided to take away the smiley ... The things you say sound like they are comming out of a kid that just found out there's actually people on the internet willing (have) to listen to your moaning[/edit]

    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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    F**k me...I thought my wife moans a lot!
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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