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Thread: Our very own Irongeek on Digg's frontpage!

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    Hoopy Frood
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    Our very own Irongeek on Digg's frontpage!

    Cheers, ya'll, and congratz to Irongeek!

    - James
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    Its about time ! It was already submitted on the weekend but was buried as lame. Guess the word 'hacked' was the difference ! Hope he can handle the 60 000 + hits its going to get him.

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    Great to see! Wonder if the printer companies will appreciate it as much as we

    Congrats Irongeek!

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Congrats to Irongeek ... may his website go down from the many hits (mmmh that doesn't sound right)
    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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    The Prancing Pirate
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    That is one cool hack. Congrats Irongeek

    Don't bother trying to submit a string to the printer though - it could take a long while! There are far too many people playing with it at the moment..
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