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Thread: Can't uninstall or install Norton Anti-virus

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    Angry Can't uninstall or install Norton Anti-virus

    I deleted the NavNT folder(has all the important Norton Anti-virus Corporate Edition files...i guess) which was there in the Program Files folder.

    Now it has become impossible for me to uninstall Norton anti-virus as well as install it.

    On trying to uninstall Norton Anti-virus using 'Add-Remove Programs' in the 'Control Panel' , it gives me an error saying that navinst.dll is missing which i guess as the name suggests got to do something with installation an was probably in that stupid NavNT folder.

    When i try and install Norton anti-virus all over again(be it any version), it says I already have Norton Anti-virus loaded and must thus uninstall it before installing again.

    Now what the hell am i supposed tto do???....

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    when you go to the add remove panel to remove an app, it needs to 'look' at the files, which you have now deleted ...........

    how long ago was this ?
    maybe try to 'un-delete' it ?

    did you just R/click and send to the recycle bin ?
    have you checked the recycle bin ?

    just a WAG here

    task manager [ctrl/alt/del]
    is NAV 'running' there
    if so, stop it ........

    now try to reinstall
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    Next time go to Add/Remove first and then delete any files that maybe left (only if you know what you are deleting or just stick to add/remove).

    Anyway you will have to mention which version of norton corporate edition you have I have found document for 7.5 (very old) don't go through them and try on your own anything if you don't know, you can always ask

    Anyway personally I think Norton is not the STUPID one here.

    here's the link :
    Parth Maniar,

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    Normaly when this problem occurs, a quick re-install does the trick. However, I believe you have tried this?

    Symantec have a few tools on their web site that help with the removal of there software, I can't link you directly to them, as I don't know the version you are using?

    The other method of getting 'Corps Addition' of your box, involves a reg hack that takes ages. This involves deleting all the 'Symantec' and 'Norton' entries in the regestry, with the exeption of those that come when you install Windows. It's a **** load of work.
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    Found this manual uninstall for CE 9.x on Symantec's site ... might do the trick ...but as ByTeWrangler mentioned carefull with this ... If you have doubts ask first before you render your Windows down the drains,


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    get a registry cleaner

    I like this one RegSupreme Pro 1.2

    run it, and remove all the obsolete / non existant links

    it SHOULD get rid of the Symantec stuff
    THEN do an install
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    What version of Windows are you running?

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    I had the same problem a few weeks ago at work.

    I had to contact symantec who gave me a link to there FTP iste to download SAV cleansweep, it is a utility that completely removes the total existence of NAV from the system.

    They wre very helpful and gave me access to it quickly, however we do pay for support from them so not sure if you can get it without support, ontact them to see ?

    Failing that there are tons of registry cleaning tools out there that will do the job i am sure
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    ....Boot into safe mode > search files and folders for Symantec, Norton anything along them lines > delete the lot of them.

    Reboot > evey registry entry that has an assosiation with norton will now be invalid as you have deleted its parent file/folder so run a registry cleaner (ccleaner is good) and delete all the entrys it picks up for norton.


    Run ccleaner again and remove norton from the add/remove programs menu.

    All gone!
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    I've run into this issue more times than I care to admit.

    Symantec has an undocumented, unsupported removal tool. It's a batch file called nonav and it currently resides on Symantec's FTP site, nicely named

    This is a command line tool and you simply run it and it rips out *all* Symantec products by the roots. This means that if you have other Symantec products (listed in the readme, such as ghost) you're happy with, they're going to be yanked as well and will have to be reinstalled.

    In case you can't find the file on the Symantec site, there are quite a few people who host it as well. Here is one of them.

    Have fun.

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