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Thread: Slick Run need Help!!!

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    Exclamation Slick Run need Help!!!

    All right i need some help.

    I've picked up this really cool freeware program called SlickRun. ('s basically assosiates "magic words" with commands. so you can setup an entire keyboard map. The purpose is to a "hot key" for everything.

    So.... Heres were my problem comes in, i'm using it to do make some of my web applications easier. I basically have few keywords assosiated with links, something like this:\stuff.htm\somemorestuff\stuff\whatever.html

    heres my problem, the website is using load balancing over some blade servers. After i log in it transfers me to different blades. something like etc.....
    I need a way to some how let SlickRun pull the address information so that it can assosiate the approriate "magic words" with the approriate links.

    Example: So i could break it down into groups after it figures out which blade server runs


    oh and if theres another create a keyboard map for an online app that would be eaiser Please let me know. lol

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    Maybe you can use something like:

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