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Thread: Copying files via SCP over the network is slug slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_K9 View Post
    The Ethereal download finished a while ago - download speeds are back to normal now though (just tried downloading a fairly large file). And that was a typo - I meant 100 Mbps

    The laptop I'm typing this from (ie. the one not involved in the transfer) is connected wirelessly, with a speed of 36 Mbps. The other two are connected via Cat 5 cables to the router (neither have wireless NICs).
    Hi J_K9

    Have you found the solution of this matter

    recently a freind of mine having such problem he has change many routers but still facing the problem he configure his cable-net account but when he trying to download files from the internal ftp server the file downloads from the 40-60 kbps speed and without router he is download with 4-6 mbps speed if you found the solution kindly forward it to me

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    Hi fizee, and welcome to AO.

    The thread you have responded to is 5 years old, so you probably won't get a reply, and the solution will probably be different anyways, given how rapidly technology changes?

    I am not entirely certain what you are saying but it seems that your friend gets slow speeds when connecting to his FTP server, but 4~6Mbps when normal downloading.

    We don't have cable in this part of the world, but I remember it from my time living in London. It has a high download speed and a low upload speed. I am wondering if the bottleneck is caused by the speed at which the FTP server can actually serve files, as the numbers seem about right.

    I would recommend that your friend contacts their ISP and finds out what rate the FTP server should be running at. This will at least tell you whether it is an ISP capping issue, as opposed to some sort of router configuration one?

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    Hi fizee.

    To add to nihil's post, your friends ADSL Router will probably have the speeds listed in its status screens somewhere.

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    I would use a drive converter, but you obviously don't have one............might be a useful investment, as I don't see the actual connection changing in the near future?

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    I believe you're a bit late with your proposed answer. The OP (original poster) ask their question 14 years and 7 months ago.

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