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Thread: The gooowwgle pack!

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    Thumbs up The gooowwgle pack!

    Has anyone downloaded the google pack??

    Apart from the Norton addition to it, it's quite a good free package of software to have!

    The google talk thingy is quite handy if you have a gmail account - it just runs in the back ground and pops up when you get an email!
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    Haven't even heard of it. What is in it?

    Edit> Ok, went and looked at it......seems like a good package except for the Nortons. (as you said Nokia)
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    It's pretty nice actually. You can customize the "google pack" to include only the packages you want.
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    It is ok.. just for a lot of ppl the extras are not needed..

    the must haves:

    Adaware se
    Adobe reader
    Google toolbar for IE

    The could haves:

    Google desktop search
    Google Talk
    Google pack Screensaver (dual monitor friendly)

    The if you reall y want to progs

    GalleryPlayer HD Images
    Google Earth

    The option that shouldnt be selected..
    Norton Antivirus..

    You als get an Updater so you can add and remove packages, and be warned of updates and new packages..
    as well as the other background crap..

    bigest problem is Noobies will select ALL the install options.. and wonder why their machine is a dead slug.. gee norton is good for my PC.. they say... yeh.. we know its is designed to force people to upgrade their PC's, and if they have another AV already installed.. BSOD paradise..
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