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Thread: How Important is Physical Security?

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    How Important is Physical Security?

    Here's some news that depicts a complete breakdown in physical security at a time and location which could cost not only very sensitive information, but lives!

    Classified U.S. data on sale in Afghan bazaar
    Published: 2006-04-12

    Local workers at U.S. military bases in Afghanistan have stolen knives and watches, but also flash drives containing secret military documents, which have then shown up in the country's street markets...

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    That is completely irresponsible on the part of the US Military. There is no legitimate reason this information should be showing up in this manner. Time for some wholesale firings, if you ask me.

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    This is plain sloppyness.

    We use removable hard drives....................flash drives are not allowed. The HDDs lock into the computer. When you have finished you unlock the drive, remove it from the computer and lock it into a security cabinet or safe.

    CDs and DVDs are controlled in the same way as paper documentation, and you have to sign for it and account for it.............the MoD do audits.

    It is not permitted to have the "secure network" attached to the internet, that is only allowed for the unsecured network.

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