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Thread: What does HIPAA really mean?

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    What does HIPAA really mean?

    Ok, I’ve been Googling around, and I understand that the basics of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) from a computer security perspective is to keep all patient information on a need to know basis. But when I look around for real tech guidelines all I get is loose “policy” information, nothing like “You must use at least 104 bit WEP on WAPS” or anything technical. My question is, what does HIPAA really mean from a security tech’s perspective? How do you know your “compliant”?

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    Quote Originally Posted by securemedical View Post
    HIPAA email trial accounts are available at and
    I have approved this post, as it has relevance to the Topic and will enable people interested access to "trial accounts".

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    I worked with HIPAA in the healthcare industry, and everyone is really concerned because if any patient data becomes public, then the hospital, doctors and other can be fined or sued. Most people I worked with take HIPAA very seriously.

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    OH THE IRONY - I am about to ask if the last post was aware this was a VERY old thread, and MY reply is also over two years late so is that a double whammy ? and yes, HIPAA is both important and intrusive - next :P
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