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Thread: Simple C++ question!

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    Simple C++ question!

    std::cout << "Enter two numbers:" <<  std::endl;
    std::cin >> v1 >> v2;
    IN C++ every expression produces a result, which typically is the value generated by applying an operator to its operands. In the case of the output operator, the result is the value of its left-hand operans. That is, the value returned by an output operation is the output stream itself.
    Well, I don't understand how does the ">>" or "<<" works in example metion aboved. Can anyone explain?

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    You normally won't see it written like that...

    Usually more along the lines of :

    cout << "Enter two numbers\n";
    cin >> v1 >> v2;
    cout << "Numbers are " << v1 << " and " << v2 << endl;

    For output, basically just think of it like concatentation of different things, so in the 3rd line it would be a concatenation of the static string "Numbers are", the value of v1, " and ", the value of v2, and an end of line character (\n or using cout endl). The equivalent in c would be along the lines of :
    printf("Numbers are %d and %d\n", v1, v2);

    For the input, basically think of the >> operator as a 'get input from stdin and assign to the variable on the right hand side. With more than one >> operator, it'll just take more input (wanting to say on different line, ie, \n is the seperator in input, but don't remember, haven't used C in a logn time) and assign it to the next variable and so on and so forth.

    So, cin >> v1 >> v2, functionally, is no different than cin >> v1; cin >> v2;
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