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Thread: mouse problem

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    mouse problem

    i use to have microsoft intellimouse optical mouse.
    I have bought new logitec mx 518 gaming mouse.
    But in hardware device under mouse is hid
    compliant mouse and in control panel under mouse is all this stuff to configure mouse from intellipoint.
    Why i dont see logitech mouse and why i cant unintall this intellipoint?
    i have xp pro
    with plug and play enabled but pc doesnt recognize new harware even tho i am using logitec mouse all the time
    Shed any light pls

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    is your mouse usb or ps/2 im assuming usb. so try a different usb port if you can. did it come with a cd install it if you havent. try unplugging it then power down your pc. plug it back in again and see if xp picks it up in the found new hardware wizard thingy. or go HERE for the drivers for your mouse. let me know what happens. goodluck friend.
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    it usb conected yes.
    i tried to change usb port.i try to put attachment to plug it in normal mouse plug nothing.
    Downloaded that driver earlier(set point).Started pc again and stilll nothing.
    grr my pc is is more stubborn then me.
    Will work on it will keep u informed.

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    Does your USB Mouse work? If it isn't working at all...

    Try booting up your computer enter the BIOS Configuration screen and try to find any options for "USB Mouse Support." I think some USB Mice are supported when this is disabled (my roommate's wireless mouse worked for me and I've disabled USB Mice in the BIOS) but make sure it is enabled just in case...

    If your mouse does work, you need to go through the Hardware Device Manager thing and select the mouse and go to the properties, and select "Update Driver" or something to that extent. If your mouse driver is in a *.ini or *.inf file you can then select it and it should then use the correct driver...if it is *.exe though and you have to use their installer (ie, there isn't any *.inf or *.ini files) I'm not completely sure how you could update the driver if the regular installer isn't working correctly...

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