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Thread: 3 Rack Servers, 1 monitor

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    3 Rack Servers, 1 monitor

    Hi..noob here,

    I just bought Three rack servers and I have only 1 monitor at home...
    Server 1 : apache server
    Server 2 : Mysql server
    Server 3 : Mail server

    OK here's the it possible to use 1 monitor for 3 servers? so I can monitoring my 3 servers?
    I did googling ...but I haven't find any tutorial to setup multiple servers with 1 monitor.

    If that you do it?

    Thanks in advance..

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    Google KVM switch...
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    You need to use something like the following:

    Basically it plugs in to the back of all your servers where you would normally plug the monitor, keyboard etc in so all the servers now connect to the KVM - then you plug your monitor, keyboard etc in to the KVM and your away. Usually you just hit 'Print Screen' or equivelent and it brings up a litte GUI and you select which server you want to display on the monitor.

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    OK thanks alot Nokia and The guys very helpfull...

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