I was very upset to see attacks against some of the "soccer moms" that are here to gain an understanding of the systems that they use.
Are "Soccer Moms" treated badly on AO?

I don't think I have seen anyone matching this description treated badly at AO for asking questions about a security related topic. However I do not read every thread posted. I could be wrong. Please show me if I am wrong.

However, I have seen a "Soccer Mom" type person (don't know if her kids play soccer or not) treated, for the most part ( I think someone negged her for using ALL CAPS in some posts) with patience and helpful replies to her questions. See these threads:


JP, why don't you give some specific examples of what you are talking about? I have seen a recent case where one member questioned the value of another (female ) member's contributions to the site and made some derogatory statements about her. Is that what you were talking about?

In the above quote you used the phrase "some of the soccer moms." That implies more than one incident. Except for the one case (and I do believe the attacking member was wrong for what he said) what other incidents have you seen?