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Thread: Securing Partitions

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    Securing Partitions

    ok, so I have a usb hard drive with four partitions, I want to give my friend the drive so he can copy some stuff of one of the partitions. The thing is I dont want him to be able to view the other partitions.
    What is the easiest way in doing this?

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    Buy another USB stick.. They're not that expensive..
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    Do you have Multiple Operating Systems installed on the hard drive? If so then maybe password protect the boot loader..

    more details on the usb drive if possible.


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    Sorry i should have been more clear about the drive. It a 2.5 inch laptop drive with a USB connection.
    Yes I have XP / SuSe installed on it.
    I just want to encrypt two of the partitions so they cant be viewed.

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    Ok i take it that the friend is going to boot up the computer using there own Drive, then plug the USB drive in and a Virtual Drive will appear in My Computer?

    If that is the case then just make the XP and Suse partitions as Hidden, that way when he plugs it in they will not show up.

    Also as an extra measure, password protect your boot loader, that way if he tries to boot up using the USB drive, he will get greated with a password prompt..

    just some ideas.


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    Ill try that.
    Thanks for your help

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    Of course if he has some skill in computers and he really wants to see what else you have on the key he will just unhide the partitions. The only real way to be sure that he will not get information you do not want him to have is to make sure it is not on there. I would either go with a second usb key or burn a CD/DVD with what you want him to have. Or you could go to his place plug in the key yourself copy what he needs and take the key away with you.

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    See also

    It basically says to create multiple users, and use one of the accounts to encrypt the data using the NTFS filesystem. The encrypted data is only accessible to that account.

    If the partitions you want to encrypt were created under XP, you can convert them to NTFS and encrypt them using the methods described on the surasoft site.

    See MS' article on converting FAT to NTFS at
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    Ideally, You would only provide him with the data that he needs...Why not just burn it to a CD?
    Sure you can use something like TrueCrypt for XP to encrypt various partitions, but what happens if he accidently (or intentionally) destroyed some of those encrypted partitions?
    Solution...Buy a 15 cent round piece of plastic to write his data too...
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