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Thread: From Sysadmins To Soccer Moms

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    I was very upset to see attacks against some of the "soccer moms" that are here to gain an understanding of the systems that they use.
    Are "Soccer Moms" treated badly on AO?

    I don't think I have seen anyone matching this description treated badly at AO for asking questions about a security related topic. However I do not read every thread posted. I could be wrong. Please show me if I am wrong.

    However, I have seen a "Soccer Mom" type person (don't know if her kids play soccer or not) treated, for the most part ( I think someone negged her for using ALL CAPS in some posts) with patience and helpful replies to her questions. See these threads:

    JP, why don't you give some specific examples of what you are talking about? I have seen a recent case where one member questioned the value of another (female ) member's contributions to the site and made some derogatory statements about her. Is that what you were talking about?

    In the above quote you used the phrase "some of the soccer moms." That implies more than one incident. Except for the one case (and I do believe the attacking member was wrong for what he said) what other incidents have you seen?
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    Just wanna add something

    I absolutely agree w/ JP about his feelings on the censorship being done in the name of children. Everyone is taking the moral high ground about the big 2, “porn” and “violence”

    I love to watch UFC and Pride Fighting. It’s absolutely exciting and amazing. I actually started aikido classes because of it. On the other hand, when I saw “Saving Private Ryan” it made me realize what abhorrent **** these men had to go through during that time and how ****ing meaningless wars are. Just because it’s so horrid doesn’t mean that A WELL ADJUSTED HUMAN BEING cannot draw healthy impression and ideas from awful forms of violence. But that’s the thing… you have to be raised right by your PARENTS or GUARDIANS to be able to distinguish what is “right” as opposed to “wrong”.

    I LOVE PORN any kind of porn. I don’t care to get into discussion about whether is objectifies women (or men). My girl watches porn w/ me. It doesn’t matter that it’s against “your” religion or you want to protect “your” kids. It shouldn’t be censored or filtered on any kind of massive level. It’s parent’s personal responsibility to protect their kids not society whole. So let me “take it up a notch” : I don’t give a **** about “your” kids and a lot of other ppl don’t either!

    That being said…

    JP… stop whining about “censorship” like you are some kind of martyr for the “soccer moms”. My honest feeling is that “they” can go and buy “Computers for Dummies” and not troll on AO or Astalavista because they don’t feel like reading and they just want solution in a can. IT IS NOT A SECURITY EXPERTS DUTY TO CATER TO SOCIETY AT LARGE. Some of us choose to get paid for doing that job but that doesn’t mean that we have to put up w/ “soccer moms” in our private life (like on AO). Most of us love what we do and would “hack” in our free time even if we worked in McD’s. Just try to pull that self-pompous bullshit on and demand they mod your console for you… let’s just say they don’t have gold dots.

    PS: maybe some ppl (not me) are jealous of you “gold dot” but regardless I would just revoke it and start normal. That’s how you earn respect.

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    The only reason we have "freedom of expression" is to protect our
    democratic form of government.


    While political expression has the highest level of protection,
    so-called "commercial" speech is censored all the time.
    When is the last time you saw a cigarette ad on TV?


    Boy Alley is not a political site, and was prolly
    set up to make $$. If they wanna censor it, it is within the
    government's normal powers.
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    A few things that I have noticed. It is very true reality that children understand technology more so than their parents. Being that I work part time in a small computer repair shop, I have machines coming in with all sorts of content.

    But censorship is not the answer. Education is the only way this problem can be rectified. Now I'm not saying that you have to have a Computer Science Degree to understand new technology. Now I don't want to offend any parents but, most parents use the computer and such as a babysitter/entertainer. What I recommend to most parents that ask about filtering software (net nanny) is to sit down with your kids and talk to them about what is acceptable and what isn't. Porn exists on the Internet, thats the simple fact. Other questionable material exist on the Internet also, but censorship doesn't fix the problem.

    Securing data on your home computer, is not rocket science either. Don't keep financial/personal sensitive information on the same computer that a P2P is running on. If you only have a single machine, then make sure that P2P software can not be installed. Have a decent AntiVirus and Antispyware running and uptodate. The only way to make data 100% secure is to have the computer off and unplugged from the wall.


    Educate yourself, and your kids on what acceptiable use of technology is.
    Parents have Admin Level Account (Password Protected "Nothing the kids can guess")
    Kids have Guest accounts.

    I'm not saying that this is all easy, but a small effort goes along way. Censorship of the Internet defeats the whole purpose of what it was designed for.

    Any parent that has a question on what they can do to become better informed, and want to talk I'm all ears.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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    Wow, talk about bird-walking. Starts out JP trying to "defend" his gay pr0n site against the gov't in the guise of standing up as Deb's champion, and ends up with a sermon for parents on how to raise their children. Not much changes at AO, eh?

    LOL pointless as usual.
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    Originally posted here by .:front2back:.
    So Jp sold he's Baby AntiOnline, to fund This .?...

    the dates for the sale, and the registering of the domain sync in to the same time frame, so i guess we all now know why he was willing to offload this place so eagerly then..

    But.. but... JP told all of us that he was leaving AO behind to work on his research projects and to help the government fight the legions of evil hackers.... I guess this would qualify as a research project?

    I think he found someone who was willing to give him any amount of money and ran with it... The site wasn't making squat, so getting the couple of grand he got for it was like winning the lottery.

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    I might add that is for sale. Never saw what was on it but I guess I'll never know now, hehe...
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    Originally posted here by Vorlin
    I might add that is for sale. Never saw what was on it but I guess I'll never know now, hehe...
    It was a forum... interestingly enough....*/

    It never really took off as you can tell since it is for sale now.

    Back to the topic at hand....

    Whatever the agenda behind this email was... be it to promote your own interests in your moneymaker or to look like a hero to another member.... I dont really care....

    I will agree with the mass that censorship has no place in the laws of the US government. I am already pissed off that the radio and TV are as censored as they are. I think it falls down on parenting. Is there any reason why a radio station cant be as vulgar as they once were? Why cant there be nudity on television or graphic violence? I understand the answers are because of children but just push the iffy stuff to the late night shows. Don't allow your children to listen to whatever radio station. There are a million things that can/should be done to control your children. Will they work, not all but that is the process of growing up and parenting.

    We are considered a "free" country for a reason (or relatively). Are certain rules and regulations needed? absolutely or else everything would be chaos. Censorship is slowly growing everywhere, hell I cant even express my effing feelings on this site without issues, and I would be surprised if anyone attempted to censor the internet in the US. I don't think it would happen. But I have seen stranger things happen
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    i must have really missed something here...where does it say JP started a porn site. i see porn sites listed. dig, whois nada. just insults and accusation.

    [edit] ive just been informed im wrong about the above. sorry guys!

    there's a whole bunch of stories about the gov screwing up child wellfair and families in general. the government shouldn't even be teaching kids. find it in the constitution that it's their place. it's the responsibility of the parents and community. if we allow them to censor ill never find any good reactionary material :-)
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    i must have really missed something here...where does it say JP started a porn site. i see porn sites listed. dig, whois nada. just insults and accusations
    Have a closer look at the site and Tedob..

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