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Thread: Be sure to wipe before selling?

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    Be sure to wipe before selling?

    Lol....this guy is some luser, sells his laptop on Ebay, but the buyer didn't get what he was supposed to have received so to get even he did what anyone else would do...

    Daily Mail

    Kinda drives home the point to make sure nothing is left on the HDD....

    Edit: if this belongs in another forum, pls move...

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    Thats too funny....

    thanks Dalek.....I needed a laugh

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    LOL. Nice one.

    But on a serious note, here is a link to the best software to erase everything off your disk.

    1. This one is the best out there for erasing everything off your disk. Including the OS. Usefull for re-selling the disk or for admins to re-use the disk somewhere else in the company.

    2. Good program to delete files off the disk.
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    In the past when this topic has been raised people have asked about magnetic/degaussing type equipment.

    This just happens to be in the front page adverts right now:


    At $13,500 cheap it isn't................also it is destructive, but it might be of interest.

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    The product features a shielded design such that media can be stored near it without being damaged.
    The one I used sure as hell wouldn't let you store close to .......

    It blew cell phones too
    HDD to scrap in 40 seconds
    white finger [to me] from having to try and FIGHT said HDD through the magnetic field was damn nigh instant

    killed 100+ HDD's in about 8 hours
    you have to switch it off and let it cool [5 mins on then 5 off ]
    killed 000's of tapes and discs too

    was asked to 'nuke' CD's
    had to explain CD composition

    was given thick gloves and a box
    CD killing was a snap
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    I had a job that required us to run BC Wipe on the system's free space every Friday night to clear the slack/free space. However, I still use BCWipePD on all my old HDD that I give away.

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