Greetings All:

Well, despite my efforts to start several legitimate threads relevant to the topic of information security, many on here appear to be obsessed with me on a personal level, so in hopes that those threads stand SOME chance of getting back on topic, I'm starting this thread.

My current dealings don't involve computer security, which is why I've not brought them up on here before. However, since those threads weren't closed, and those that were speaking about off-topic matters were getting plenty of positive APs for doing so, and since some of the people that brought up these matters were moderators, I would assume that starting this thread is an appropriate thing to do.

First, let me say that yes, I do own SEVERAL adult-oriented sites, and also have significant holdings in domain-name investments as well (2 letter .coms, 3 letter .coms, dictionary words, etc). Those are my two primary areas of business currently.

I work on a regular basis with some of the largest names in adult entertainment, including business dealings with Playboy, and am mentioned on a regular basis in all of the industry magazines as well as at major industry conventions.

I am a member of several adult industry trade groups, including the ASACP, Association Of Sites Advocating Child Protection, which works closely with the FBI, DOJ, and Center for Missing And Exploited Children to track down, and bring to justice those that abuse children. I am also a member of the Free Speech Coalition.

So, feel free to ask me what you'd like about adult entertainment (I'm involved in both gay and straight), or anything else related, so that it stays out of other unrelated threads.

I will not provide links to any of my properties, however. I know others have linked to some of them in other threads, but I will not do so, as this forum allows individuals under the age of 18 to register, and I don't think linking to adult properties in an environment filled with minors is the least bit appropriate (Although it would appear that the moderators would disagree, as some of them were ones posting those urls in the first place. Apparently we have different ethical standards).


Note: The ONLY reason that I started this thread is that I was accused of running CP sites in another thread, and as such, felt compelled to respond. Personally, I don't believe this topic belongs on this site at all. The fact that MODERATORS were posting links to adult sites on here is shocking to me. But, if MODERATORS feel it appopriate to bring up this topic, and attempt to use it to attack me in a misleading way, I am left with no choice but to continue the conversation to clarify misinformation.