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Thread: JP - Questions Asked & Answered

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    As the world turns these are the Days of AO

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    Okay, did I go overboard? Possibly.. but IMHO and I apologize for expressing it in perhaps a negative manner, something needed to have been said to that nature.. it seemed as if nothing was getting through.. and nothing did. Thus, I give up.. I'm not in this anymore, and quite frankly, I'm done caring.. sometimes I forget I'm a moderator, it's called being a human and acting like a human first.. which I apologize for..

    However it's very difficult when you have personal issues with the form of work the man does these days and you don't respect the man as it is.. So to AntiOnline, those who frequent the website, and to JP.. I apologize. Acting childish isn't how to go about things, being the bigger person, and walking away is.. which is what I'm doing.
    Space For Rent.. =]

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