My Question to AO is this:

According to a certain Moderator's (gore) comments it seems/appears this site will not be open to the public soon as all decisions by the Mods will be it or lump it.

However, this is a pre warning (NOT TO YOU MB as I know someone will think I'm making a threat, or take it wrong anyway) this bullshit on AO, and this stupid **** going on dailey, WILL end soon.

My next revision of my policy is going to pretty much take care of it. I'm tired of it, and so is everyone else. This is a security site and it is going to be again. And the people who think they are going to post and ruin threads or post stupid things like what waffles they eat, aren't going to stick around.

so get it out while you can. whine, complain, bitch about what AO used to be while doing nothing about it, and post random crap all day long, have a ball, because it's ending very soon.

Why? Because I'm fed up. The last week I've seen on here:



And enough drama I should sell it off to a TV station. (We can get Larry the cable guy to play JP)

And JP attempt to start threads but then those get runed by more personal bullshit.

That's what I've seen.

This isn't your damn tech support for software you don't know how to use, or hardware you stuck in the microwave and it quit working. This is AntiOnline, a security web site, and zero tolerance of anything else, is coming soon.
So this site will stop being a place for Joe Q to come to and ask questions or to opine (as O'Reilly would say)

I would be interested to hear how you or any of the other Mods are going to do this, please explain, sort of give us a point by point example of what is considered okay and what is not okay. What is okay for you and is not okay for me, or what is not okay for you and is okay for me?

Are you going to remove Cosmos, GCC, Addicts?

To become a private member will there be dues...what are the qualifications needed to join, will there be tests?

Zero Tolerance...hhhmmmm where have I heard that term before...?sounds like it's my way or the highway for everyone...

I was under the impression that "Moderators"....well.... moderated things....sort of like someone overseeing a debate, allow both sides to make their points and to ensure the personal crap was left out.....stay in the background as much as possible, not get too involved in the debate, unless of course they started it....

So far all I have seen by a few mods is petty squabbling and bickering, that JP thread was a prime example of mods gone crazy.....

The closing of threads because you think it should be closed, is out of line...this is as far as I know a "Community"......and every community has it's with it.

I would like to think the vast majority of people/members on this site are mature enough to understand that everyone here brings something to the table, not just the few who would like to think so.....

If the elite feel that this site has too many vagabonds, then they should maybe make an elite forum and call it the elite forum and only allow other elite's to join in their discussions....keep the dregs of society away.

Now I know there are going to be a few neg trigger happy types wailing away at this, but as far as I am concerned be my guest.....