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Thread: Is AO going "private"

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    Well, I tried bringing some life back into AO with my tutorial:

    But it seems all this drama is overshadowing it...

    If all of this isn't to be blamed on one person, then I think it would be a good idea if we all met up on IRC and disussed things... Mods and members alike... This drama HAS to stop, it's been going on for far to long now...
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    Originally posted here by dalek
    Oh and it's June so leave the April Fools joke alone...
    I promised I wouldn't reply but the fact you actually remembered THAT.... Well, you put a smile on my face today.

    Anyway, Question answered, Thread closed. (I'll admit and take some blame, I know I do things I shouldn't sometimes, but when I made the announcement that this thread was about, I said NO MORE bullshit. So I let one more thread go where everyone could get it all out and bit my toungue not to drag it on more, so, hope you feel refreshed, it's the last flushable thread we are going to see for a while).

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